Welcome to my website and welcome to unique personal growth and transformation. I am a bodyworker, tantric teacher and life coach specializing in male intimacy.

For 20 years, I have offered powerful and empowering, heart based, hands-on sessions and coaching sessions by phone. My passion is helping men to get in touch with themselves and gain access greater states of heartfelt intimacy. If you are in my area, try one of the in-person transformational sessions. Otherwise, plug into an initial free phone coaching session with me. Try it out!

As an expert in combined male-to-male tantric practices of breath, intimate yoga, and extraordinary touch, I share my information and experience with men yearning to expand and explore intimacy from the heart. In my experience, many men are intriqued by tantra and have questions about how to learn and explore. Ask me!!!

Whether you are gay, bisexual, straight, or a questioning individual you can comfortably enjoy learning and exploring your own personal growth path with greater intimacy: In person or by phone. In addition, if you have an issue or area of concern then let me know. I can personalized and customize our session or sessions around your particular needs.

Please use this website as your resource for your own personal growth and development with intimacy, authenticity & ecstatic sexuality. Check out the links page!!! Come back, I update this information often.

I hope you will join with me to free our full potential as heartfully expressed men.

what's happening:


location: chicago

my location schedule: click here


in-person: men's tantric bodywork experience

in-person: men's sacred intimacy experience

in person: couples sacred intimacy experience

in person: sacred intimacy series, an ongoing therapeutic process for issues & concerns.

by phone: explore from your home, an ongoing weekly process, available nationwide.

by cam: explore from your home another ongoing process,weekly, available worldwide.


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