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You may be looking for something different in your sex life. You may be experiencing a challenge or a desire to grow. I support an open discussion on: sensuality, sexuality, sex, intimacy, sexual functioning and more. In addition, we can explore what you can do to improve your situation, and achieve results.

Wellness is a quality of state of being, especially as a result of a deliberate act. Many people wait until there are health problems to start looking at healthy habits. Others are drawn to a healthy habits to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Whatever your situation, having a partner to explore your next step can be profound.


Sexual Fitness

Focusing on wellness and not illness is the primary component of productive aging. It can encompass any efforts with your physical, mental, social, and spiritual life. As you enter the next part of your life, lets explore your new possiblities and rediscover what activities have been meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Productive aging

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Productive Aging

Health & Wellness

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