I'm Austino. Welcome to my website. I am a somatic bodyworker, therapist and personal life coach specializing in male sexuality and intimacy. For 20 years, I have been offering in-person sessions and phone sessions.

My specialty is helping men resolve erotic, sexual and intimacy issues... and also to help men experience greater pleasure. We use male-to-male tantric practices of breathing, body awareness, and other cutting-edge reputable techniques.

Many men experience challenges with their bodies and specifically with their sexual experiences. I am familar with and have worked with many issues and concerns. These challenges might seem insurmountable, however we can work together to find a solution. Sometimes we can explore a new outlook and how to adjust, adapt to what you want. Other times, we can build your skills, break through the blocks, and reach your goals. So, if you are ready to address your concerns and make some changes, then let's do it together.

If you consider youself more of explorer, then there is no need to start looking for an issue or concern. I will guide you through a journey to learn and experience something new. It would be my pleasure to help you explore your erotic potential....in person or by phone.

Whether you are gay, bisexual, straight, or a questioning individual you can comfortably enjoy learning and exploring at your own pace: In person or by phone. My passion is helping men, from all walks of life, to get in touch with their bodies and express their authentic nature.

I hope you will join with me to free our full erotic potential as healthy and heartfully expressed men.

what's happening:


location: chicago

my location schedule: click here


in-person: men's tantric bodywork experience

in-person: men's sacred intimacy experience

in person: couples sacred intimacy experience

in person: sacred intimacy series

in in-person: sexual trauma healing series

by phone: explore from your home, an ongoing weekly process, available nationwide.

by cam: explore from your home another ongoing process,weekly, available worldwide.


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